Friends of Oakdale

Working to Preserve Our History

By Wanda McDonough, President

The Friends of Oakdale Cemetery, a 501 C-3 non profit organization was organized in the spring of 2008 in an effort to reorganize the volunteer support group needed to keep Oakdale Cemetery beautiful for the families of those interred with us.Oakdale Cemetery has been here since 1882, originally called Sylvan Park.  The name was changed to Oakdale Cemetery in 1892.  The cemetery is owned by the Oakdale Cemetery Association, a non-profit corporation.  Our income comes from the sales of spaces and the fees for opening and closing graves.We have had several clean-up days since May 2008.  The cemetery is much cleaner, many headstones have been cleaned, trees trimmed and roadways repaired.  We have accomplished a great deal, but we still need your help!As a result of all the hard work of our volunteers, many people have started putting flowers on the graves again.  People are coming by the office to tell us how great things are looking, frequently leaving donations.  Your donations and volunteer work are used to keep this beautiful historical site clean and safe.We are also working with Stetson University to preserve all records of burials and eventually we will have everything available on-line.  Join Friends of Oakdale Cemetery as an individual, family or organization.  Inform others of our mission and encourage your friends to join.

​Membership Annual Dues Schedule:
Individual Friend - $10.
Family - $25.
Patron - $100.
Small Business - $200.
Corporation - $500.
Make checks payable to Friends of Oakdale Cemetery and mail to:Friends of Oakdale Cemetery, P.O. Box 277, DeLand, FL  32721. If you have any question regarding Friends of Oakdale Cemetery or if you would be willing to volunteer your time please contact Wanda McDonough at or phone: 386-734-0626

Oakdale Cemetery